Hot pockets, the king of all bags and Fall foliage...

Eat Outside | Hot Pockets

 Homemade hot pockets | camping food | maine camping

Hot pockets...caliente pockets (thanks Jim Gaffigan).  Okay so let's face it, when you've been outside all day hiking, swimming, fishing, paddleboarding or perhaps just drinking one too many beers, it can be tough to hunker down and cook a meal over a fire.  This is why I think it's always nice to head out on your #camping or #glamping excursion with some pre-made goodness.  So let's talk hot not those hot pockets- god what is in those that instantly sends you to the thrown?!  But rather, homemade hot pockets with nurturing whole foods to get you through the night or at least hold you over until s'more-thirty.  I'm not sure where this original recipe came from, but at some point I was scrolling through the social media and on my feed appeared this gooey glorious wonder and I had to have it- that night.   Make these ahead of your trip and wrap them in foil on a grate to heat them up... or you know, eat them cold, I'm not judging.  All it takes is pizza dough (if I don't have time to make scratch with this super easy recipe then I exclusively buy the Portland Pie garlic crust found in most local grocery stores.  The filling can then really be up to you- I recently did this one with sauteed spicy Italian sausage (try the Maine Family Farms), spinach, mushrooms, garlic and then a lot of mozzarella.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  I was able to get eight pockets out of one pie crust and they are large enough for a lunch or you may want two for dinner, but whose counting?!

Glamping Gear | The Bag of All Bags

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Okay so this seems like a really strange gear item to plug, I'll admit.  I'm not even sure where I was first introduced to these bags... I think maybe my older brother left one behind at my home at one point and I immediately thought- that's my new #camping or #glamping gear bag.  Turns out one of my favorite gear items, you can get on Amazon for less than $5.00.  It's the Ikea Large Shopping Bag!  Seriously, you can fit sooo much bedding, pillows, towels etc in these babies.  Waterproof? Yes! Light to carry? Yes!  Easy to store away when not in use?  Yes!  Is there anything these bags won't do?  You can also get their larger storage bag for under $10 if you want to go really crazy.  I personally have two of this large size and one gets used exclusively for linens and one gets used exclusively for our family's clothing.  Nothing ever gets wet and it is super easy to find everything.  I mean it's basically a blue tarp with a handle right?  Maybe you could DIY that.  Truly, I hope you all get one... and you're welcome.

Maine Inspirations | Leaf Peepin' Road Trip

 Maine Fall Foliage | Maine Glamping | Maine Camping

So Fall is almost here and that means everyone in New England is officially on the hunt for the stunning gold, pink, red and orange leaves that will soon takeover our forests.  There are many ways to peep successfully of course, however, I think a nice solo drive with the windows down (maybe the heat on - this will make my parents cringe) and your favorite tunes cranked up.  Heading out on a #Maine country road surrounded by foliage may just be heaven on Earth.  What an awesome way to unwind and take in all the beauty that is our gorgeous state.  I stumbled across this super comprehensive list of drives that could take you anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours - so you have no excuse not to carve out the time for yourself...don't FALL into that busy trap (get it?).