National Camping Month

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So it's National Camping Month, which must have you I hate camping.  Just kidding.  In all seriousness, camping is one of my favorite activities.  It's one of the only times I truly feel like I disconnect from all of the stress and worry that envelops me on a daily basis.  No more thinking about cleaning the house, finding wholesome activities for the family, taking care of work, taking care of school, etc.  However, I will say as the years go on, I take my time and my comfort much more seriously.  I want to sleep well, because when I don't sleep I'm not a good mother, wife, friend, colleague or just person in general.  I also don't want to spend all of my time on vacation setting up and tearing down and cleaning, etc.  I want to spend that time with my family (aka swinging in a hammock with a book and a beer while the kids are entertained by the other kids at the campground).  Thus my camping experience has definitely morphed into one of more of a glamping style and I LOVE to go explore Maine with all of our cool new glamping products to see how they are going to translate for our guests.  I've compiled a list of places that we've stayed in Maine that are tried and true and within our hour delivery radius.  It will just keep on growing so keep an eye out and go enjoy #nationalcampingmonth even if for you it's #glampingnotcamping.