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Eat Outside | Carb Loading

I think we can all is the fabric of life.  So it only makes sense that we have found a way to deliver a delicious form of pizza over the campfire.  This recipe was shared by a friend on Facebook several months ago and I knew it was going to be a smash hit.  So easy and portable and little to no refrigeration needed.  Simply take a nice fresh French loaf (we prefer Maine's Standard Baking of course), cut in half, scoop out some of the dough, fill with your favorite sauce and pizza toppings (for my husband and I it's ALL of the things and for the wee ones...cheese please with an occasional sprinkling of cured meats), put halves back together, wrap in aluminum foil, throw on the grill.  It's that easy.  You can have this all prepped at home before you leave for the great outdoors or in the case of this photo shoot, the great backyard of our suburban home... happy carb loading folks!


Glamping Gear | Pillow Talk 

We're so excited to share, that our design partners at Hills & Trails Co. are producing and selling new products in their Spring line inspired by their recent work on our Scamp renovations.  Check out this beautiful pillow and more on their New Arrivals page!  The quality and craftsmanship is top notch.  We know you won't be disappointed.

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Maine Inspirations | Gone Fishin'

With the abundant Maine lakes, rivers and oceans around every corner, it's no surprise that we boast many fishing opportunities for the catching enthusiast.  Locals and visitors alike can find where to catch what and how to get there on this amazing guide we came across by the Maine Office of Tourism.  So go out there and explore- we hear there are many fish in the sea.