Float Rope Mats, Flufferberries and Music Festivals

Glamping Gear | Maine Float-Rope Co. Mats

Keep the Dirt Out of Your Camper & Tent

If prodded, my very patient life-partner would likely tell you that I am just ever so slightly anal retentive when it comes to keeping things in order.  This tendency becomes magnified when we are tiny-space glamping.  How could you possibly enjoy yourself on your vacation, knowing there has been sand tracked all through your camper?!  Okay, perhaps you could, but I can't...so out comes the dustpan and broom...over and over and over again.  This is what made our discovery of Maine Float-Rope Co. Mats so life changing! First of all, we love to support companies who have local Maine roots, but additionally, are promoting recycled products.  Secondly, these mats are made out of rope for fisherman in New England... so essentially made out of a material that is extremely tough and weather resistant and yet, somehow also made to look as adorable as ever!  I'm telling you when this became a part of our "must-have" glamping checklist for our family and our customers, it was clear that the dustpan and broom would finally have a break. #pleasewipeyourfeet


Eat Outside | Campfire Flufferberries

Cause You Needed a New Way to Dip a Strawberry

What do you get when you cross marshmallow fluff, fresh strawberries and a campfire together?  Turns out...euphoria!  What I am coining #flufferberries I have to assume are going to start showing up in fine-dining establishments, although, they'll probably use a more refined approach such as a torch.  Simply spear your strawberry stem-side first, dip in marshmallow fluff and roast over the open fire.  Warning- you WILL get hooked on these and your campfire marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers are going to be sad and jealous for a little while.  Don't worry, there's room for all things campfire roasted at the table.




2017 Maine Music Festivals

Music AND #Glampourtunities...Count Us In!

Combining glamping and music festivals is for me..having your cake and eating it too.  Each can blissfully stand-alone and yet why not do both?  Here is a line-up of upcoming 2017 festivals that our mobile glamping rentals can be set up at.  Add in a handmade cornhole set and you've got your after party covered.  We can't be held responsible for all of the festival goers that are going to want to hang out at your site.