Jolly July Notes from MainelyGlamping

Eat Outside | Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cheeseburger 

Attention followers! I have finally perfected that melt-in-your-mouth cheeseburger.  I know, I did it take me this long?  Turns out I was overthinking it.  Don't feel bad for me though, I still have at least 50 years of devouring these handheld buns of joy.  Well, maybe less if I don't slow down on the red meat.  I'm going to share the secret formula with you- the more awful for you the ingredients are, the better the burger.  Let me break it down for you... charcoal (it has to be charcoal.... I realize this takes extra time, supplies and patience, but the end result is real), high fat percentage of ground beef (at least 85/15, don't mess with this ratio, it's very important), and processed cheese....yes, processed, the kind that comes in individual wrappers and sometimes sticks to your hand before you can even get it on the burger.  I'm not sure what even constitutes this as cheese, but I do know that this magical melty substance is what elevates a burger to euphoric heights.  It doesn't matter if it's white or orange (although if you are my daughter, it MUST be organge...cause kids).  Let's talk buns hun...potato is my personal go-to, although I could do a sesame as well.  Just don't ruin a good thing by trying to put this masterpiece between some huge monstrosity of bread that is going to take away from show.  You want your bun to essentially melt away from all of the juice coming out of your burger.  Now for the cooking technique...screaming hot charcoal grill, quickly sear on both sides, adding the "cheese" after the flip.  As soon as that melted goodness is literally surrounding the entire burger patty on all sides, take them off and let them rest on a plate with a little tinted foil (don't forget to tent because that foil will take off your "cheese" and make you sad for days).  Toppings are a personal preference, but I prefer special sauce only, aka mayo and ketchup.  Enjoy this one folks, you're never going to be the same.

Glamping Gear | The Magical Mexican Blanket

When packing for glamping or camping, it is always necessary to think about items that have multiple purposes for sake of taking up minimal space and reducing clutter.  One of my favorites is the mexican blanket.  What else could you use as a blanket, a cushion, a rug, a dog bed and an accent piece but only take up a small amount space in your tote?  Really, I consider it a magical piece of cloth. And how much do you love that you can literally purchase these magical clothes in any color that you'd like to perfectly pair with your existing decor?  Thinking of where you may be able to find these readily?  Turns out...anywhere.  But if you happen to be in Southern Maine and would like to support a local retailer, I have scored several at an extremely reasonable price at Mexicali Blues, which has a handful of convenient locations throughout Maine... so don't wait, they may run out... just kidding, Magical Mexican Blankets for days.

Maine Inspirations | Eastern Trail Enthusiasts

Whether you fancy yourself a walker, jogger, runner, biker, snowshoer, cross-country skier or just someone who likes to sit in pretty places and have snacks...the Eastern Trail has probably provided for you at some point in time.  The ET streatches from Kittery, Maine to South Portland, Maine in terms of groomed trails with map systems and offers some of the most scenic views.  I have to admit, we have lived off of the trail and frequented one section repeatedly...from the time the youngins were learning to ride bikes to most recently when my 8 year old was able to go through three town lines and yet... I never truly understood the history, funding model and the overall mapping of the trail until recently.  It's absolutely amazing the natural resources in our backyard that we can completely miss.  This being said, I'm sharing it now and urging you strongly...go take advantage of this beautiful trail and check out their website to learn more and download the PDF maps provided to plan your route!  Fun fact, there are places you can eat, drink and swim along the trail if you need incentives to get active like me.