New Style Partner Announced

Hills & Trails Co. Brings Their Design Expertise to MainelyGlamping

Hills and Trails-Hills and Trails-0035.jpg

MainelyGlamping is excited to share our new style partner, Hills & Trails.  With their amazing textile designs, each of the MainelyGlamping vacation products will now offer a cohesive look with genuine Maine Made products sourced from Southern Maine. 

Hills & Trails Co. is a printmaking and design studio in Portland, Maine.  We consider the outdoors to be the foundation of Hills & Trails Co. We take our creative inspiration from our experiences of living by the ocean and lakeside, and exploring the hills and mountains both close to our home in Maine and far away. Nature is an interwoven element in all of our products and we hope they find homes both inside and outside.

When I was first introduced to the Hills & Trails design, it spoke to me. It invoked the same feel of wanderlust that I have every time I see our rental products and I know this will create a sense of space for our guests to reconnect with nature and the Maine Made brand.
— Elissa English, MainelyGlamping
We believe that getting outdoors, and experiencing our own surroundings fuels and inspires us to create our products. We started a family business for ourselves that would allow us to create and travel in our home state of Maine.
— Kanya Zillmer, Hills & Trails Co.