Best Road Trip Snacks for Families

When it comes to being in a car for hours upon hours, I have one main request...the snacks MUST be on point.  I also enjoy a good podcast qued up, but the snacks come first.  I have to hit all of the major food groups; sweet, salty and savory.  So as you can imagine given all of our road trippin', I've tried a lot of snacks.  Some are devoured immediately and enjoyed by all, some are eventually fed to the dog or gifted to a friend to try when the don't hit the mark, or some are in the middle, enjoyed by one or two in the family but not by everyone.  Of course all families' food preferences are going to be different and perhaps there are allergies or adversions to consider, but here are the best road trip snacks that ALWAYS hit the mark with our crew:


MadeGood Granola Minis 

For some bizarre reason, the bars aren't consumed.  But turn that bar into a mini ball...DEVOURED!  Why? Because kids... All I know is, if we purchase these delicious in any flavor, they are a hit in the entire car.  The flavor of choice is the chocolate banana, however they are truly all yummy.  Better yet, they are organic, gluten free, Non-GMO project verified and contain the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables from six different sources... so if that's important to you, this is a win all around! 


Vermont Smoke & Cure Meat Sticks

Our family could quickly consume an unhealthy amount of cured meats.  Our travels to Europe have us not hunting for the next beautiful coastline to explore, but rather basking in the never ending menus of jamon that send us into a state of euphoria.  Alas, to get that quality of cured meats in the states, you would have to take out a second mortgage, but we've found that these car friendly meat sticks satisfy us and have wonderful quality of hormone-free, antibiotic free, grass-fed meat.  They hit all the marks of a meat stick with the texture, taste and moisture levels.  And yes, they come in mini packs... sensing a theme?


Cape Cod Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

This is the snack you have to be careful with.  We love these chips so much that we lean towards purchasing the largest bag possible in the grocery store and if we don't watch ourselves, it will be gone in a matter of minutes.  Best to portion these out so as to not end up with a car full of belly aches (happy belly aches, but belly aches all the same).  They are truly addictive.  These chips have been around for years so if you haven't tested them at this point, I'm not sure what your life is about.  It's clearly not about eating amazing snacks.  If you have had them years ago, there is a chance you have strayed and found other new and shiny snack products and have forgotten about this crunchy, salty, sour snack that comes from our neighbors to the south and it's time to revisit.  They are gluten free and what I would consider locally made, so again...sort of guilt free?  Be sure to pack napkins for this one, there's a reason that flavor carries such a punch and it WILL potentially end up on your children's clothing!