Glamping in Maine Welcomes Spring!

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But first, coffee.

I don't know about you all, but there are few things that gives me more angst than waking up in the morning and not knowing how I am going to get my caffeine fix.  If we're being honest, there is very little I will do without first having a cup of coffee...if there's absolutely no more holding it in, I might go pee, but if I had it my way, I'd literally not get out from under the blankets prior to sipping on some java.  With this in mind, I've tested a LOT of coffee making mechanism at campsites and have come to the conclusion that the best solution for a quick cup without taking so long that my grumpies set in, is iced coffee.  Luckily for us, ready-to-go iced coffee has come a LONG way and there are some really tasty options out there.  Our go-to as of last summer, is Portland, Maine native, White Cap Cold Brew Coffee.   Careful this stuff is mind blowing and you won't be able to stop.  Grab a growler and throw it in the cooler with the rest of your brews and never have coffee insecurity on a camping trip. Ever. Again.


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Hammock Time

Thinking about gear that we use EVERY time we camp is daunting because we really do bring a lot of gadgets.  One that stands out to me though is our Eno DoubleNest Hammock.   These beauties are affordable, compact, light, sturdy and soooo comfortable.  Some of my favorite memories (aside from spending time with my family of course) is reading (aka napping) in the Eno under a tree enjoying the smells and sounds of the Maine woods and waterways.  Added bonus, the DoubleNest is built for two so if you and your love get a little time alone (I mean let's be real, if you're like our family your kids will just be piling on top of you) then there will be plenty of room among the trees!


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Paddle Put-In Places #Maine

Spring is here! Which for us means the great thaw of beautiful Hidden Lake and Scarborough Marsh; our two favorite places to take out the paddelbaords.  That being said, southern Maine is home to lots of spots where beginners can explore stunning waterways, without needing much experience.  Check out this great interactive map by Sebago Trails Paddle Co! Create a fun package through our inquiry link that will allow you to add camp kitchens, paddleboards and cornhole boards to ensure endless entertainment and comfort, turning your Maine camping trip into a Maine glamping trip!