Maine Glamping Inspirations | January 2017

Eat Outside

Campfire French Toast

When it comes to breakfast items, we're pretty much always looking for ways to put more maple syrup in our mouths.  Especially when the maple syrup is locally sourced Saphound Maple Syrup...the stuff is pure gold. So imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon this gem...CAMPFIRE FRENCH TOAST?! Yes, please.  So, so easy...chop up a brioche loaf into cubes, soak the cubes in an egg and milk wash, spear them onto a roasting stick, hold over the fire until golden brown, plate up and DROWN in maple syrup (that last step is vital).  If you want to get real fancy, you can add a little sea salt, cinnamon and vanilla to the egg wash.  Glamping outdoor dining at it's finest folks! Bon appetit!



Glamping Hacks

Cast Iron Is King

Do you own a set of cast iron cookware?  No?  Go get one now!  We purchased a set that included a dutch oven and a skillet that both took the same lid, which works out great with my insane need to constantly eliminate clutter.  Truly, to have a kitchen tool that is a champion of roasting and searing, be both versatile indoors and outdoors, is a glamper's dream.  These pans require a bit more upfront care than your everyday stainless steel to ensure they are properly seasoned (aka lubed), however, once you have mastered the art of maintenance these will last you forever! can find them so inexpensively.  You could literally buy the set I mentioned and never own another piece of cookware for your home or glamping needs.  So what are you waiting for?!

Maine Wanderlust

20 Minutes From Portland

We get is hectic and we spend a lot of time inside whether working in an office or working in the home.  Yet we all crave that connection with nature and an outdoor excursion can change your overall state of mind and well being.  This is a perfect match with limited time; Bradbury Mountain State Park.  Just a 20 minute drive from Portland.  We enjoyed the park on Christmas day.  We had a short window of no obligations and this fixed our need to work off a little sugary, salty, greasy holiday nosh and absorb some fresh air.  The perfect pause button.  This park offers several trail options so you choose how quickly you'd like to reach the summit.  Oh and did I mention? Off leash dogs! Cause let's face it, that stroll around the neighborhood just isn't cutting it with the holiday energy our furry friends have built up!